amazon virtual assistant

Amazon Virtual Assistant

amazon virtual assistant

Are you looking for Amazon expert Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Virtual Assistant: this term has been buzzing around for quite some time now. Many companies are searching for a VA who could help with the accomplishment of certain business tasks. What, exactly, does an Amazon virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant(VA) is someone who is skilled in providing administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. They work off-site as well, thus the term “virtual.”Amazon virtual Assistant provides various types of services, depending on their respective skill sets and on what the companies require and need. We, at, have taken the term virtual assistant and created a new term called Amazon virtual assistant”.

We will find and train a staff member exclusive to your business and your job requirements. They can do a multitude of tasks to help free up your time, so you can grow your Amazon business. Some of the tasks they can perform are:


Had constant inventory coming in and new products to sell, but not enough time to keep up with the listing creation.

Solution. builds a team of Amazon virtual assistant for the client exclusive to their company. 2 x staff members are trained to do eBay listings, Amazon and Magento. These two staff members become the clients listing team.

We also hire and train 1 x customer support representative to help answer hundreds of emails that the client was getting per day. The client provides with all the support and training documents for their company, we then train his staff member and within a few weeks, the staff is already answering messages without any support from the client or


The client is no longer behind on creating listings and see’s 30% increase in sales within the first month. With the additional staff for customer support, Amazon ratings are maintained and the company sees an overall growth within the first few months and they are able to expand into another sales category. Overall, the client sees a cost savings of 70% by hiring staff from


Dedicated Staff.

Companies who require a dedicated staff member working exclusively for their business will benefit from our dedicated staff plans. Save up to 70% off labor costs!

Our friendly Amazon business development team is ready to analyze your Amazon business needs and to inform you about how we can help you grow your company. To get things started, please contact us now to partner up with the right outsourcing company for your Amazon business.

Outsourcing for your e-commerce business doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging anymore. With you can have dedicated staff just a phone call away… Happy Days!

Haroon Usman.

When a business grows, there comes a time when there are more tasks than there are hours in the day. That’s where the experts at come in, they can help you grow your business with outsourced staff who are e-commerce expert. Not only can they undertake some of the more time-intensive tasks, but they also make a valuable contribution with suggestions drawn from their wealth of experience which can add to your bottom line.

Pamela Willims

Awesome company to work with… they ensure you get exactly what you want and need. I will keep using them AMZ-DOC is always there to help.

 I use and endorse the virtual assistant professionals at www.amz-doc.comTheir rates are fair and their staff is highly qualified in many aspects of online services.

Greg  are THE experts in e-commerce outsourcing. Getting Amazon virtual Assistant who understand your business is crucial, and these guys do e-commerce 24/7.

Clients Love Us!

Several months ago, I hired to help me with a large eBay listing project. Before my Amazon/eBay selling career, I was a technology manager with a top US bank….

David Ramos

They are great professional !!!!! Their work is really good. We have been using for a while now and I cannot fault them, they are brilliant and fast at what they do, I could not be happier with their work, it is money well spent and.


I can’t begin to express how much AMZ-DOC has helped with my businesses. They have performed many services for me, including the creation of multiple websites…. Very Effective at what They do and delivers what promises.

awesome work definitely, give high-quality work.I will continue to work with them. Thank You.

The team at AMZ-DOC is very attentive and on top of their game. They go out of their way to make sure all deadlines are met and top-notch service is provided, at absolutely….

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