Hiring an Ebay Virtual Assistant

To manage an online business is pretty much tough, especially on eBay. Many things need your attention, like order processing and inventory management. It’s not a one-person job more so when your business keeps growing. You’ll need a little boost to optimize the things in your store.

That’s Place! At AMZ-DOC, we provide service to those eBay sellers who need that “little boost.” AMZ-DOC’s virtual assistants can make your projects more efficient by taking on those tasks that take time out of your day. You can instead be focusing on increasing your productivity and rise up the potential of your business.


These are few things for which AMZ-DOC's Ebay VA will help you:

Ebay Product listings

We create and manage products listings for many products you have. We can upload them for you quickly and efficiently to save your time with complete keywords optimization.



Ebay Description Writing for Your Products

For this you need the best possible title and description, and this is what we can provide. We will present your products relevant content keywords to promote your search engine visibility.


Ebay Competitor Analysis and Market Research

We look at your market and your competition and make an analysis of them in terms of size, prices, bids and listings. This helps us to see which techniques work best so we can apply them in selling your projects.



Image Editing and Cropping

To make your images eye-catching and showing your products as clear and presentable, we offer image editing services that include cropping, resizing and retouching. High quality images have been proven to increase sales, so we make use of product photos to improve the shopping experience.


Ebay Products Price Research

From our deep research on ebay products, we can ensure that the prices you sell your products at will give you the edge you need.


Ebay Order Processing

We can process your orders to ensure a reliable and speedy service for a job that is often over-passed.

Customer Services

Customer satisfaction is vital in every business. You need to make sure tracking orders, replacements and refunds are in order. We wouldn’t want your customers to be unhappy so let your VA take care of it and you can focus on the bigger tasks.


Your eBay Listings Created to an Optimized Level

To be successful on eBay, your product listings need to be presented just right. What does this mean? For one thing, you need your titles and descriptions to be packed with keywords, so they can be easily found by search engines.

Now a days, SEO makes a big difference. That’s why at AMZ-DOC use the latest keyword software to find the most effective keywords for each and every product. We also make titles and descriptions with that extra appeal.

Listing optimization is important for the eBay seller, and we complete this task reliably and efficiently. So you don’t have to!

Know your market, know your competition!

Some eBay sellers have high sell-through rates as well as positive feedback. How can they do this? Well, it could be down to their competitor analysis and market research!

We need to know which products are the most popular, and exactly how the specific market works. When we know the market well we can make the best moves.

Using e-commerce tools and technology, AMZ-DOC can make a full analysis of your market. Then we can provide you with sales statistics and data that is clear and user-friendly.

This means you can make informed decisions about your market, and how to plan your campaigns. This can increase your sales in one easy step!

Photos for your listings that really attract your customers

In this age of online shopping, photos really sell products. This means it’s crucial we get your images exactly right – we don’t want you to lose sales!

Every day, products on eBay fail to reach their potential due to the low-quality and unmatched standard photos of listings. AMZ-DOC provide the finest image editing services to make sure your images won’t let you down.

At AMZ-DOC we know how to present images that sell on eBay, and we are also familiar with all of the eBay restrictions, so we can ensure your images are all they need to be to attract customers.

Let us show you what we can do for you !!!

Rather than spend hours on your eBay projects to make a business that works, allow us to show how we can launch your products in a way that saves your time AND your money. From successful methods of optimization and task management, a VA from AMZ-DOC will change your business in a way you wouldn’t believe.

All you need to do is contact us today so that we can discuss your business needs, and we will get started on creating eBay listings with our successful AMZ-DOC formula.