FBA Damage Lost

FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy

FBA Damage Lost

When your FBA shipments inventory is lost and damaged by a partnered carrier, in an Amazon fulfillment center, or during delivery to a customer, we may either:

Replace the item with one with the same FNSKU, or

Reimburse you the estimated proceeds of the sale of that same item


We consider several factors when determining the reimbursement amount, including:

Your sales history

The average FBA selling price on Amazon

The sales history of the specific ASIN

If we do not have enough information to calculate the reimbursement amount for an item, we will assign a value to your inventory based on similar items.

If you request a reevaluation of the reimbursement you receive, we may request additional information from you, such as a receipt or an invoice.

The reimbursement amount for any single item will not exceed $5,000. For items valued at more than $ 5,000, we recommend that you consider purchasing third-party insurance.

Note: We may dispose of any item that we reimburse you for under this policy, including by selling it. Consequently, such items (including lost items that are found after reimbursement) may be listed for sale on Amazon Warehouse Deals or other channels.

Reimbursement reversal

If we previously reimbursed you for lost inventory that is subsequently found or determine that any reimbursement was given in error, we may replace the item with one with the same FNSKU or reverse the credit that was applied to your account.


Important: You must submit claims for items missing from shipments sent to Amazon fulfillment centers within 9 months. All other claims for lost or damaged inventory must be submitted within 18 months of the date of loss or damage.

Our policies prohibit any activity that would interfere with our capacity to help other sellers. Examples of such activities include submitting insufficiently researched or prematurely submitted requests, or submitting high volumes of requests in a short period of time.

What is covered by this policy? FBA shipments

Items damaged while in an Amazon fulfillment center.

Items missing within an Amazon fulfillment center for 30 consecutive days.

Items lost or damaged by the carriers and distributors that we use to deliver products to the customer.

Items lost or damaged while being shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center using Amazon partnered carriers (small parcel, less than truckload, and full truckload)

What is not covered by this policy?

FBA prohibited products.

Products that don’t adhere to FBA inventory requirements.

Restricted products lost or damaged during removal order processing.

Defective products or items lost or damaged by customers, distributors or sellers.

Expired items. FBA shipments

Defective items that arrive at the fulfillment center damaged.

Small parcel items shipped using Amazon partnered carriers that are damaged due to inadequate packaging.

Important: Always follow our prep, packaging, and shipment requirements when you ship to an Amazon fulfillment center to avoid damage in transit.

For more information, see the FBA Service Terms.

Before reporting your items lost

If you think some of your inventory is missing, use the following tools and reports to help identify or resolve the discrepancy:

Manage Orders tool (search by SKU or by ASIN if the ASIN exists for only one listing)

Tip: Use Advanced Search to include pending orders and reserved items.

Inventory Adjustments
Inventory Event Detail
Removal Order Detail
Received Inventory
Daily Inventory

You can also check your email account for reimbursement notifications from Fulfillment by Amazon.

If you are unable to resolve the discrepancy, contact Seller Support.

Inventory Adjustments Report

To see a list of items for which you have been reimbursed, or reimbursements that have been reversed and the items returned to your inventory, in the Inventory Adjustments report, do the following:

In the Reason Group drop-down list, select one of the following:

Damaged: An item is found damaged.

Found: An item is located in a bin at the fulfillment center, and Amazon’s inventory management software has no record of the item being placed in that location.

Lost: An item has been missing for 30 consecutive days.

Click Generate Report. In the Reason column, locate one of the following:

Damaged at Amazon fulfillment center: Damage to the item occurred after the item arrived at the fulfillment center.

Damaged by inbound carrier: Damage to the item occurred while the package was being transported by an Amazon partnered carrier.

Transfer from holding account: The item has been returned to your inventory.

For more information about adjustment reason codes, see Inventory Adjustments.

What happens to items for which reimbursement was granted?

At its discretion, Amazon may sell (for example, on Amazon Warehouse Deals), liquidate, or destroy items for which a reimbursement is granted. See Section F-4 of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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