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Listings Optimization for Amazon Prime

amazon prime day

Amazon Listing Optimization: For Amazon Prime Day 2018

When is Amazon Prime Day in 2018?

July 16th and July 17th.

How do I create buzz for Amazon prime day?

1st option to get a jump in Amazon lightning deals if you think your items related to summer section.

2nd You should decrease the prices of the items

3rd start campaigns on all the prime listings

4rth Start promotions on all prime items and cross promotions.

Amazon Pay-per-click (PPC) is a great way to get your product in front of more traffic. Use all Amazon ads system together like sponsor ads, headline ads.

Start All campaigns at least one week before prime day with $50 plus budget.

Turn Bid + on to stay on top. Use similar items in one campaign. Variation listings also good to go with.

Amazon PPC is a form of advertising available to sellers and vendors. We’ll explain the cost structure of Amazon Pay Per Click ads and how they work. Using Ignite to Save Time and Make Money with Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

We know that creating an Amazon listing and getting your branded or private label product up and running is one thing. But generating traffic is another and there truly is an art and science to it.

  1. Are your listings are optimized?
  2. Are the images of listings matches the standard of Amazon?
  3. Is your product is unique OR worthy?
  4. Have you chosen the keywords through the proper channel?
  5. Is the price of your item matches the prices to related market?
  6. Do you list the same products under one parent?
  7. Have you checked the search volume of the campaign’s keywords?
  8. What is the ROI?
  9. What is Acos perfect for your different ads?
  10. What match types you are using?
  11. Have you made an analysis of the campaign’s keywords?
  12. What is match type suit your ads monetizing?

For monetizing your ads for Amazon items and want to grow your profit ratio Get in touch with us and hire our Amazon PPC expert.

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