Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant

To be successful in this virtual world, businesses know they need an online presence to drive sales, increase brand recognition, and engage in an impactful way with customers. More than ever, consumers are looking to social media first for reviews on products and services and checking out the companies that sell them before they purchase. The problem is, social media and online marketing require nearly constant management to stay current, and most small businesses don’t have the hours needed to devote to it.

At AMZ-DOC, you will get an expert social media virtual assistant to stay on top of all your online profiles and content for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house or outsourcing to a social media management company. Our social media virtual assistants are thoroughly competent on all the skills required to up your social media system, from increasing sales to running ads on Facebook, targeting the right kind of audience, writing attractive sales copes, budgeting, etc. We added below a list of services that our highly experienced social media virtual assistants can provide for your business:


How AMZ-DOC’s Social Media Virtual Assistant help you :


Social Profiles Creations

Our Social Media Virtual Assistant will help you in creating profiles and pages on Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platforms.Also with expert skills of social media will add information and setting up a profile and cover photos for your business.

Profile Management

Managing social profiles, post constantly and maintaining the interaction. Replying to mentions and direct messages to your customers & visitors.

Trend Research

Researching post topics, research on the target audience and content. Finding the popular hashtags for use to get more visitors and traffic on your social profiles.

Community Management and Conversions

Our social media virtual assistant will help you to engage the audience and community of your social profiles all the time by the help of community activities, special offers and attractive posts to get more conversions for your business. 

Paid Promotions & Ads

Our Social Media Virtual Assistant will develop a strategy for paid promotions with Ad copy-writing, Target audience research, Visual graphics development and Ad scheduling to gain visitors and traffic on your social sites.

Generating Analysis Reports

Our Social Media virtual Assistant analyze the audience,keep track the activities and generates a detailed report on the user engagement and acquisitions for your business to make sure everything is working in right way.

Let us show you what we can do for you.

Social Media Virtual Assistants at AMZ-DOC are experts within their domain and can handle the assigned tasks at 100% professional levels. Having the required skills, knowledge and qualifications, they are competitive to undertake all kinds of tasks related to social media marketing. Being experts in all social channels, our social media Virtual Assistants understand the exact working of each and can guide you on selecting the one most appropriate for your business.

All you need to do is contact us today so that we can discuss your business needs, and we will get started on creating your social profiles with our successful AMZ-DOC formula.